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Customer Reviews

Can not say enough good things about this place. The owner, Kevin, is my massage therapist and truly one of the best I’ve ever had. As a chiropractor, I’m very picky when it comes to who is taking care of me. Kevin has such a thorough understanding of the human anatomy to where you don’t just feel better getting a massage, but your body heals better as well! If you’ve felt that massages only help for a day or two and then your problem comes back, you need to try out The Pain Relief Center. I always feel better after leaving and then my body gradually gets even better each day as opposed to going back to the way it was when I came in. I’ve come to Kevin after car accidents, knee injuries, Shoulder injuries as well as general wellness. Thank you so much Kevin!

I had a message done by Jen and it was honestly one of the most unique, effective massages I've ever had in my entire life. I have been getting regular massages for years but Jen's "pressure point" technique was just unbelievable. Because it was so unlike any other technique I have experienced in the past (mostly regular, "rolling-relaxing" massages), I was a little caught off guard but I walked out of there more relaxed and pain-free than I have in years. She said she does many techniques and tailors her style to each patient's needs. She was extremely welcoming and friendly, and knew a lot about the body's healing energies and methods! Absolutely recommended!!!

Lovely, quiet and very private location with the atmosphere of pure tranquility. Even while using the bathroom there I feel very relaxed and in another place. I am someone who is not very comfortable with physical touch from most people. Jennifer has helped me ease not only my physical tension, but the tension with the energy within myself. I would highly recommend this business, and Jen! Thank you so much :)

Kevin is an amazing body work specialist! I had the best massage of my life during a 90 minute session. The deep tissue and mobility work on my hip reduced my pain significantly and increased my range of motion by almost 50% and that was after just one session! I highly recommend visiting the Pain Relief Center if you are in pain or just want to get the best massage you have ever had. I will defiantly be going back on a regular basis :)

~ Mikey P.

~ Brandy R.

~ Laura N.

~ Ponolani Y.

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