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Every client comes to The Pain Relief Center with their own unique history and requirements. One of the strongest abilities our therapist have being able to determine the best way to help you. We work with you to develop a hands-on strategy, using all the tools at our fingertips, that does that most effectively.

In fact, we have some incredibly powerful tools. From Massage and Bodywork, to Energywork, to Wellness Programs... our goal is to help you feel better in your body.

If you’re looking for a place where you can get the help you need to feel more comfortable in your body and become a better you…

Welcome to The Pain Relief Center!

Explore our wide range of treatments designed to meet your specific needs and leave you feeling better in your body. As an example lets talk about our Integrated Modalities Bodywork (IMB) treatment: IMB combines an extensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology, a refined sense of touch, a few secrets from Traditional Chinese Medicine, a vast understanding of essential oils, some modern technology when needed, and a connection to source energy to find trigger points and eliminate them. IMB is very specific; an hour session allows us to focus on only a limited number of issues. Adding 30 minutes gives us additional time to work on more areas of your body and address multiple issues. 120 minutes is the perfect amount of time to focus on specific issues that affect your entire body. (All IMB sessions include AromaTouch Blend Essential Oil unless otherwise requested), For more information please explore our Bodywork Menu and Specialty Treatment Menu buttons.

Therapeutic Bodywork

We're passionate about helping busy men and women be their Better YOU. We understand how hard it is to find the time and motivation to devote to YOUR personal wellness.

That's why we developed the Better YOU Challenge. Our programs will help you find the time, motivation and personal strategies to reach your goals. We'll take the guesswork out of becoming the best version of yourself.

We'll help the BETTER YOU win.

Wellness Programs

Therapeutic Massage

Bodywork and Massage

At The Pain Relief Center, our therapeutic massage services offer a rejuvenating blend of techniques tailored to address your specific needs. Our LMTs skillfully apply Swedish, deep tissue, sports, and aromatherapy massage to alleviate tension, reduce pain, and enhance overall recovery. Whether you're seeking relief from chronic discomfort or have pain that you've recently acquired, our therapeutic massages are designed to promote physical and emotional well-being.

Moreover, we understand the importance of accessibility to quality care. That's why we're pleased to inform you that therapeutic massage at The Pain Relief Center can be conveniently paid for through insurance coverage. We work with various insurance providers to ensure that our clients can access the benefits of therapeutic massage without financial barriers. Experience the transformative power of therapeutic massage at The Pain Relief Center, where relief, relaxation, and rejuvenation await. For more information please explore our Therapeutic Massage Menu button.

At The Pain Relief Center, we offer both therapeutic bodywork and therapeutic massage to address a variety of physical and emotional concerns. Therapeutic massage involves the manipulation of soft tissues using techniques like stroking, kneading, and pressure application. Our Licensed Massage Therapists(LMTs) specialize in modalities such as Swedish, deep tissue, sports, and essential oil therapy massage, aiming to relax muscles, improve circulation, and alleviate pain.

Therapeutic bodywork, on the other hand, expands beyond traditional massage strokes to encompass a broader range of hands-on techniques. Our practitioners integrate modalities like myofascial release, craniosacral therapy, tigger-point therapy and energy work to restore alignment, balance, and energy flow within the body. This holistic approach considers not only physical but also emotional and energetic aspects of wellness, helping clients achieve relief from pain and discomfort while enhancing overall well-being.

Whether you seek targeted relief for specific musculoskeletal issues or desire a more holistic approach to wellness, The Pain Relief Center offers personalized treatments tailored to your unique needs. Our skilled therapists and practitioners are dedicated to helping you find relief from pain, improve mobility, and enhance your quality of life through the transformative power of therapeutic massage and bodywork.

We strive to provide the highest quality care tailored to each individual's needs. For this reason it is important to specify that when patient are utilizing insurance coverage for their treatment, our services typically fall under the category of therapeutic massage. This is done so we do not confuse or cross any lines with the insurance companies, ensuring our therapist and practitioners are remunerated for the unparalleled treatments they provide. Alternatively, for patients paying out of pocket, our offerings lean towards therapeutic bodywork, encompassing a broader range of techniques and allowing the therapist to do whatever your body may need in that moment. Regardless of the payment method, our goal remains consistent: to deliver effective treatments that promote pain relief, restore balance, and enhance overall well-being. We invite you to experience the transformative benefits of our personalized therapeutic approaches at The Pain Relief Center.

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